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Welcome To The Clean Burners Club!

We are so excited to introduce our MTN LTE Co. Clean Burners Club! In keeping with the spirit of sustainability, our Clean Burners Club offers you the chance to return your jars and tins after you have finished burning your candle! 

How Do I Join The Clean Burners Club?

Of course, to thank you for helping us to reduce consumer waste, you will receive $2 off your next purchase for EVERY jar and $1 off for every tin you return! 

We are happy to keep track of your returned containers until you are ready to place another order. 


Don't worry about cleaning out the containers, we are just glad to have them back in whatever condition they are in.


Send us a message if you have any containers you'd like to return or leave us a note when you place your next order!

Thank you for helping to make the world a better, cleaner place, one candle at a time! 





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